About us

Throwback to 1981, India of early 80's was coming out of the socalistic economic psychology of the 50's to 70's. More construction activities on the ground level offered scope to the wood- based products like Plywood, Shuttering plywood, Film Faced Plywood and Flush Door used in buildings, in real estate fast developments.

We had started selling them to builders, developers and to the industries consuming these products in their activities like manufacturing of cabinets, TV casings and in use for building automobile bodies etc.

In the mid 80's we introduced Decorative Laminates for the interiors space, very complimentary product to our existing line of business. It found instant application in manufacturing of such items like Table tops, Work tops, TV cabinets, Automobile Interiors etc., The consuming public was largely same and the business started scaling up.

In early 90's when India jettisoned the concept of controlled economy, the first generation reforms opened up businesses, eased movement of capital and reformed taxation policies. The market place started becoming larger and competitive, products started becoming more innovative with the induction of new imported technology.

From mid 80's Indian IT industry was providing support to Western Economies mainly by way of body- shopping. In mid 90’s these economies started preparing for Y2K challenges, Indian IT companies well harvested these business opportunities by creating this infrastructure in India ; this required large qualified manpower housed in large office premises and these offices had to be finished quickly. New products like Postforming Laminates, Prelam Boards started becoming popular in making of such office spaces in record times.

We participated extensively in making up of Indian large offices spaces by becoming a support and supply entity to these executing teams.

The turn of 20th century saw globalization and manifold increase in outsourcing of work to India from the West. As a very natural diversification we started of supplying and supporting Modular Office Furnitures to the corporate in small manner, which has been scaled up substantially. We had also launched Restroom cubicles UMP’s and such products which were needed in any large spaces like BPOs', Airports and shopping malls. We were part of the team who were pioneered these product in India. Now a number of variants of them have been introduced at various price- and feature -points.

As the finishing and aesthetics is now demanded by the “evolved” Indian consumers, there is more scope to introduce deserning surfacing materials for the interiors spaces. Acrylic Solid Surfaces, a product which can to cater to such target market, is recently added by us to our products basket.

THE WAY AHEAD Indian IT companies well harvested these business opportunities by creating this infrastructure in India In all these endeavours, we are constantly trying to incorporate the norms of Green Buildings, conserving, optimizing use of material and attempting less wastage in all spheres. In alignment with this, now we are also exploring renewable energies as our new market initiative with the emphasis on Solar power.