Domestic Solar System

What is a small scale solar water heater system?
Solar water heater systems of capacity equal to or less than 3000 LPD on a given rooftop qualifies as a small scale system.

Where is it used?
Such systems are used for small buildings, commercial, industrial or residential where the number of users are fewer.

How is it different from large scale systems?
Such systems have no moving parts and operate by thermosiphon principle of flow of water.

How does it works?

What does the installation look like?
Below are engineering drawings for 125 and 250 LPD systems.

A. 125 LPD System.


B. 250 LPD System


What are the different types of solar water heater system?
Thermosiphon system specification depends on two factors:

A. Water Quality


b. For gravity based cold water inlet, a regular system is provided and for pneumatic pressure based cold water inlet pressurized solar water heater system is provided.


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