Environmental Savings

Most households in India today use electricity or gas based appliances for heating water. India responsible for 300 million metric tons of carbon di oxide. We are the 5th largest contributor to world pollution. India accounts for 3.5% of greenhouse emission. Our dependence on coal, petroleum based fuel and nuclear energy have an adverse impact on the country’s economy and ecology.

Energy demand by Fuel.

Why Buildings should be efficient?

Energy demand by Sector.

Buildings account for about 25% of the energy demand in our country

To produce 1 Unit of electricity, we release 1 kg of carbon di oxide. India is blessed with high level of solar irradiance. This can be easily tapped to take care of our hot water requirement at an individual level.
Every household consumes 3 units worth of energy to generate hot water. This energy consumption amounts to 1/4th of the total energy requirement of the household. Using solar water heaters to generate hot water can reduce 1/4th of the demand for conventional sources of energy, thus making our habitat environmentally friendly. Growing pollution is putting severe stress on our natural resources. The challenge for humanity is to live in harmony, with nature to ensure its survival.