Industrial Green Buildings

Pollution causing industries are made to commit to Renewable Purchase Obligation by the Government according to international regulation. Such companies have to purchase Renewable Energy Certificates (REC). This can be avoided by having their own installation of solar PV system on their rooftop. A system of capacity 250 kwp or above can be connected to the state electricity board and electricity generated can be exported to the grid. This installation qualifies for REC program wherein for every 1000 units of energy contributed to the grid, 1 certificate is awarded. The value of such a certificate is a minimum of Rs. 10,000/-. This utilizes the space on rooftop of the industry to generate energy, reduces taxes levied on the company and decreases the carbon footprint of the company.

For industries which are dependent on oil and gas for generating their electricity, the solar PV system can be used to offset the usage of expensive fuel, depending on the cost of fuel, their payback could be very short and make the project economically viable.

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